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What Does It Take To Host a Course?
The Advantages of Hosting
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What Does It Take To Host a Course?

Hosting a Training For Safety course is easy. The professional staff at Training For Safety:

  1. Provide qualified instructors, printed and/or electronic handouts, audio recordings, video presentations, and other required materials.
  2. Provide instructor transportation and lodging.
  3. Advertise the course via e-mail, fax, and other advertising methods to appropriate agencies and individuals.
  4. Complete and file all required POST, STC, and/or EMSA documentation.
  5. Provide all registration services, including registering students, collecting course fees, sending registration confirmations, and sending lodging information.
  6. Issue an appropriate certificate of completion to students who successfully complete the curriculum.

Your agency does the following:

  1. Provides a suitable classroom capable of seating 35 individuals comfortably. The classroom should be equipped with a projector screen, computer projector, and sound system.
  2. Provides beverages and light refreshments each morning at the beginning of class.
  3. Sends a CLETS and NLETS teletype advertising the course. We even provide a sample!
  4. Advertise the course to local agencies via existing Training Manager's meetings, Chief's meetings, etc.
  5. Provide a listing of names and telephone numbers of suggested local lodging facilities. Provide a list of local restaurants and shopping for students to patronize during their stay in your community.

The Advantages of Hosting:

  • Your agency receives FREE training. Up to four complementary spaces per class, useable anytime, anywhere, within 12 months of your course.
  • Showcase your agency and your community. Bring revenue to your local restaurants, hotels, and shopping areas.
  • Keep your personnel close, in case of emergency.

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